Protect yourself with the power of bank statement analysis for your tenant screening
Verify financial information quickly and securely for 1 or more applicants. Starting at $9.99 per report.

We help landlords quickly evaluate, qualify, and verify the information provided by renters. (Only available using bank statement analysis)

Rentify automatically verify:

  • Employment income
  • Identity
  • History of NSF charges
  • Average closing bank balance
  • Average monthly debt payments
  • Overdraft percentage
  • Consistent payment of rent & bills
  • And more

Rentify uses the information you
don't have access to with a credit report

We summarize your applicant's financial habits displayed in their bank account. The best way to decide on a tenant is to have fast, accurate and comparable data such as:
Average closing bank balance
Can the applicant afford to support themselves and pay their rent? Do they have room to breathe at the end of the month?
Income & identity verification
Check and see if the applicant is receiving payroll or other sources of income on a regular basis.
Overdraft & NSF checks
Is the applicant spending more than they have each month? Are they spending prolonged period of time without replenishing their funds?
Rent, credit card and bill payments
See if the applicant is making consistent rent, credit card and other bill payments regularly and on time.
Rentify actually verifies history of rent and bill payments &
  • leaves no mark on credit score
  • reduces time and effort
  • eliminates fraud

1 year of financial history

Our system organizes and clearly shows sources of income and bill payments. This makes it easy for a landlord to validate that the prospective tenant brings in an income and pays their bills consistently. The final report we generate is called the Financial Rentability Report. All applicants are screened and verified for employment income, credit worthiness, consistent bill payments, NSF, average monthly bank balance and much more.

Easy to read information

Rentify creates a platform where landlords can access the key financial metrics of all potential tenants in an easy to read report. Rentify highlights valuable information such as if an applicant regularly pays their credit card,payday loan activity and average closing bank balance. We also provide payment consistency score for each applicant that predicts the likelihood that they will pay their rent. This based on both the applicant's financial responsibility and over 1 million bank verifications.

Save time and effort

Rentify does the work of examining and tracking documents such as employment letters, bank statements, proof of income, proof of residency, etc. Our system uses the information the tenants banking institution already has displays it in an accessible, easy to read, privacy compliant report.

Robust security

Rentify is the most secure way to transfer information between landlords and tenants. Rentify protects the information passed between landlords and tenants by using a secure online banking portal to pull only the relevant financial information needed from applicants. Our data is encrypted wih best practices such as SSL certification and is privacy compliant according to PIPEDA standards. We do not store sensitive information like passwords, card numbers or account numbers. Once the landlord has selected their tenant, we delete the information of the other renter who have applied.
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I love Rentify! It makes my job much easier when filtering through applications. I appreciate the clarity in the information I receive to find the best tenants for our rentals. As a Customer Service Manager, I also like how effortless it is to user on a daily basis.


The Rentify team have obviously invested an impressive level of time professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm, effort and though into building an incredible tool to benefit all landlords. Their superb customer service and support had a nervous, small landlord like myself up and using Rentify with great ease in very little time. I knew I has made the right decision to sign up and use their system as I watched potentially disastrous tenants identified in just a few simple steps. I feel empowered and confident knowing I finally have an affordable option, and a team that truly cares to assist me again, the next time I'm looking for a tenant. I highly recommend signing up to use Rentify. You will see that finding a reliable tenant no loner involves gambling luck or prayers!
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